Fender System One Collar Chrome


Original Chrome Fender System One Collar from the 80's made by Schaller for Fujigen Gakki Fender Japan.  This collar has holes in it for the wrench that came with your guitar. I have a few orginals left.. I only sell originals.  If I have a machined one it's because someone sent it to me to be exchaned for a real one and someone who can not afford a vintage part may be able to use it.  But you can see how the collar fits on the bar socket and bar with nylon ferrule around it.  Be sure to look at my shoppes.  You can buy and learn how to make ferrules inexpensively.   The Alunimun collar's you see out there for sale and even the ones I have that came from exchanges are not recomended by papatom.  They will get you by for a time but eventually will bend and mar your bar and also loosen your bar socket insert.  that's the one with the threads on it.  Sometimes if not all the time it's best to save what you need and by it once without damaging other parts.  The original Collar that Schaller made is a Chome plated Brass Collar for strenth and duribility.  They have lasted almost 30 years and look at them shine.  You may see one on a guitar that is bent in the top because someone didn't put or have the original Ferrule. These Nylon original Schaller made Ferrules werer made to fit and still in original condition.  In the second picture you'll see the whole bar socket with the original Ferrule, insert and lower snap in half of the socket;  This is to show you how the collar screw on and the Ferrule goes in under the collar.  if you have questions please email.. yes I do ship out side the USA I do need what country you live in before you buy though so I can set up the paypal..  rock on   papatom

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