Trace Elliot Acoustic Amplifier Mixer, TA40CR is a 35 watt RMS/70Peak into 8 ohms mixer acoustic 2 channel guitar amplifier. The cabinet holds two K5C-30 watt Celestion not made anymore Full Range Special design speaker from Celestion made for Trace Elliot in England, UK. These amps are fantastic, for those of you who know about the functions and sound these fantastic acoustic amps make. I've seen folks use them with electric guitar but these were not designed for that. they are the acoustic players delight because they bring out the natural tones of your acoustic guitar.

EQ pots and a Notch filter with level and on/off which really helps with reducing feedback as sometimes acoustic guitars are known for, especially in band situations. The Balance feature is a simple slide that moves the over all volume from one side to the other, or channel one to channel two and visa versa. This is great when you have battling guitar players trying to hog the scene. For instance. If player one is louder then player two you can move the slide over to channel. Without using the volume or Gain knob and messing up an over all mix or sound level. On the extreme right side of the control panel you see Chorus Speed and Chorus Level.. Pulling the Chorus Level knob out will turn on the Chorus effect. Pushing it back in turns it off. The speed adjusts the amount of chorus speed just like tremolo on an amplifier such as a Twin Reverb. The amount of Chorus effect is added by the Chorus level knob. The same with the Reverb, pulling and pushing on and off just like the Chorus level. The effects in the Trace Elliot are second to none, in their TA50 models Alesis is used with 16 levels of effects from reverb to delay. On the back, on and off switch and a super ground. It turns the ground on or off which I like because if you've ever played out and can't get rid of that annoying ground loop from having too many electronic devises plugged into the same outlets you get this annoying hum. All you need to do is walk over and flip the ground and your out of the loop. There is a foot switch that controls both Chorus and Reverb with one single mono jack, ring for Chorus and sleeve for Reverb, not included, but you can pick them up any where. Next is the D.I. Direct Link In and Out Jack that allows you to connect two of these Trace Elliot Amps using one for the master and the other for the slave.. or couple to another outside audio source, like a house mixer.  Even a cheap acoustic will sound great in these amplifiers.  Check out youtube for that great sound!


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