Fender OEM System One Bridge Fine Tuners - Chrome. Buy 4 get 2 Free!




These are OEM authentic Fender System One Fine tuners in brand new condition.. Brass with Chrome plating... As many know I have one of the biggest web sites pertaining to the Fender System One Contemporary Strat's and Fender Tele's.. I have been selling original vintage parts for 10 or more years.. There have been some remakes that are very substantial that I wouldn't recommend.. However, these USA manufactured Fender System One bridge fine tuners are made to the exact original spec's as the one's made by Schaller/Germany and I totally recommend them..

It has been my ambition to restore, refurbish these great Fender made only from 1984-1987 Contemporary Fender Guitars Made in Japan.. as they are the spine of saving the Fender legacy in those years and they were very much being parted out and becoming extinct..

I recommend these fine tuners that have been fully tested and verify they're authenticity to the originals made back in the day or your money back with return of the item purchased. guaranteed....

I am so happy I was able to be apart of keeping these great playing guitars from becoming extinct and being a help to the many cult followers and professional collectors.. To me and many others the Fender System One bridge was the best Fender ever used on they're Contemporary models..


These will be useful for replacing the bent tuners you may have in your bridge now that will strip the thread in your top plate of your bridge.. and or lost or missing tuners..

Each tuner is 10.00 dollars plus the same expedited shipping if you buy one or 6.. if you buy 4 I will give you 2 for free. So that would be a set of 6 for 40.00 dollars plus shipping..

But make sure your bridge tuner hole in the top plate isn't stripped by taking one of the other tuners and putting it in the hole...

Message me with questions... I do repairs from my web site

I usually sell these for 20.$ each so these are half the price... if you want all 6 replacement tuners I will give you one free so it will be 6 for 40$. Just let me know... as you can see I have plenty on hand... visit my stratconnection home page.. Home of the System One Bridge Repairs and Parts!

I also refurbish and have bridges as well... Buy with confidence from an original Fender MIJ Luthier..

shipping USPS expedited mail.... rock on

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