Today's Antoniotsai work. Tomorrow's antique!


The History of Antoniotsai & His teams
Antoniotsai's master work 2007



Antoniotsai(Tony) is an internationally-renknowned Taiwanese inlay artist and luthier. He is also a master repairman and restore of museum pieces.


If you stay long enough on Ebay ,you surely know Ant    First Brand from Taiwan who supply inlaid art works to the market.


In Antoniotsai's young age.he was vry interesting in creating and playing musical instruments,so he went to Italy ,Cremona City to study the technic of building musical instruments and arts.In 1979 .Antoniotsai was starting his artist carieer.

In 2000 Antoniotsai has built his first workshop team in Taiwan to produce his art works.

In 2002 Antoniotsai's master works was internationally-renknown. his works are welcomed by many world-degreed musical instrument players and treated as the best collections.

For supplying more great products and services,Except his First workshop locating in Taiwan,Antoniotsai also had built Second workshop in Vietnam .His team includes 300 musical instrument luthiers and inlaid artists.

Antoniotsai's life goal is :

To creat the most valued instruments and share them to all the people with the greatest price.Antoniotsai believes :The talent of artist is from God,Artist should have the duty to share the happiness to all people.the valued instruments do not only belong to the nobleman.

 Antoniotsai's feedback record speaks to our honesty and are desire to please the public.Read our feedback area very carefully.  We have amassed sales in excess of 25,000 sales with a 98.2 per cent approval record . When you think of it that is an outstanding record.We ,of course, receive a negative comment ever now and then but there is no way to avoid these kind of people. Generally speaking these people hate the whole world or they are competitors of Antoniotsai. Many of the negative feedbacks we receive are from the few ebayers that try to cheat ebay sellers and we refuse to allow them to cheat us. 

We try very hard to work with all buyers because these buyers have made our business a big success as well as making the buyers business a big success
Antoniotsai runs honest auctions and although we often lose money on the auctions we can only hope that overall we can make enough money to pay our workers enough for a decent living. That is all any honest person can do.
We believe that most of the instruments.we produce will become collectables and increase in price over the years. The very few instruments that Tony himself can produce over a years time have already increased in value by leaps and bounds. Tony is recognized not only as Taiwans most famous artist he is also recognized as a World Class Luthier and Museum Artist We know that many of the instruments Antoniotsai produces are being played in Concert throughout the world by some very famous artists. There are many instruments being re-sold at a nice profit to the orginal buyer..We beleive that is the way it is supposed to be.

 On doing Advertisements for long-term business. Most of our auctions are starting from very low price even.NO Never doubt about our sincere hearts, we do'nt care whether we will lose money on these items or not? Our they are very nice quality items not the bargains, it means tas the matter of  facts,These kind deals had happened  often on some lucky customers.though we did lose money on these deals.We are happy for: Our valued customers recognize one important fact:


 The other words. We lost the costs but won the reputation on the business,we never thought it is a bad thing. we are very willing to share the happiness with the winner.

                         Now the last question.

           Who is the next lucky winner??

                    Good Luck!  pals.

let us help you doing good business.






Today's Antoniotsai work. Tomorrow's antique!

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